Static Dissipative Balanced Cleaner

A balanced cleaner for replenishing NO-ZAP Static Dissipative Floor Coating. Contains ZoranTM, an NCL exclusive, which is essential in the dissipation of charges from static electricity. Ordinary cleaners, either acidic, alkaline or neutral, would act to remove Zoran from the floor. This causes the floor to have higher resistivity and lose its anti-static properties. Pleasantly scented, NO-ZAP Static Dissipative Balanced Cleaner replenishes the NO-ZAP Static Dissipative Floor Coating to restore the anti-static properties of the floor. Ideal for meeting the demanding nee ds of the electronic, microchip and telecommunications industries. Use in clean rooms, electronic manufacturing, assembly and test areas.

Packaging: 4 x 1 Gal./Case

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